Eileen - Ampthill, Bedfordshire
I moved to the UK from the United States where I drove for years on the opposite side of the car, on the opposite side of the road and with a different vocabulary for road signs, driving terms etc. I would not have trusted anyone more than Bernie to get me adapted to driving over here and get me to a place where I was confident to pass my driving exam. His calm demeanor and endless knowledge about road safety and driving techniques is second to none and I cannot recommend him enough. If the goal is to pass, Bernie is the number One Winning driving instructor.

Craig (37)
After nearly 20 years of putting off learning to drive, I finally got behind the wheel at the age of 35. But the instructor I initially chose proved to be unreliable and, as a working father with little time to spare, I need someone who would not only be able to teach a relatively old dog new tricks, but also someone who would be completely reliable. Step forward Bernie. Having waited so long to learn to drive, I was understandably a tad anxious about whether I would be able to do it or not, but Bernie's tuition was first class. Always calm, always sensible and with excellent feedback – I very quickly began to look forward to my lessons with Bernie. Unlike some learners, I didn't pass first time. Or second. Let's just say it took a while, but I never thought for a second about giving up and I never contemplated using another instructor. I passed with Bernie.

Ellen Lovell
Thank you so much for all your very patient tuition of Ellen, she thoroughly enjoyed her lessons with you and your calm friendly manner.

Dave Lovell - Father of Ellen

Jack (17) - Silsoe
Thank you so much for the expert tuition, support and patience you showed our son. Dyslexia can inhibit learning new skills but your understanding and experience really shone through.

We are so thrilled he passed first time after only 5 months of tuition. Thanks again. Anne

Georgie Rodgers
After my friends passed their tests quickly with Bernie and recommended him I knew as my 17th came up who I would use. Every lesson I enjoyed and looked forward to learning new skills with Bernie. You can rely on Bernie for an effective lesson each time, and friendly company. Thanks Bernie!

Clare Harris
After nearly two years and almost double digit fails I switched to Bernie from another instructor. Bernie quickly identified and ironed out problems with my technique and spotted areas of the syllabus I had not even covered!! With Bernie I passed first time after ten lessons. Still lots to learn on driving but to quote Bernie 'you're on the bottom rung; you're on your way'. Huge thanks from me and my family, life changing having my licence.

Kathryn E (18)
After failing four times with a different instructor at a different company, I made the decision to switch to Bernie at LDC. I was lacking in confidence at first, and thought I would never be able to pass my test, however, my first lesson with Bernie changed my mind! He was always calm and instantly put me at ease when we were in the car. He instantly knew what I needed to improve on, and we worked on this simply and systematically so that I was able to understand what I needed to do when previously I was confused. He has so much knowledge about both driving itself, the learning process and the test and this was so helpful when it came to conquering the nerves on the day of the test. After only a short time with Bernie and LDC I was able to pass my test first time, and I know that without Bernie this would not have been possible. I would recommend Bernie wholeheartedly to anyone, and my only regret is not finding him earlier!

Learning to drive can be a daunting experience, especially for a nervous older learner driver like myself! LDC and particularly Bernie instantly made me feel at ease, helped me conquer my nerves on the road and is an all round fantastic driving instructor. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Bernie to anyone wanting learn to drive.

On a more personal note I would like to say a huge thank you to Bernie for helping me through my driving test - and for changing my life forever!!'

Alex Hall (19) Flitwick Beds
Bernie and the LDC way of learning helped me through both my theory and practical test. It was unbelievable, on Tuesday 18th September 2012 I passed my theory test and with advice from Bernie we managed to book and pass my practical test 2 days later on the Thursday 20th September 2012, I hasten to add (2012) is not a typo.

Thanks Bernie you really helped me understand fully, what was expected of me on my tests.

Daniel (17)
Traveled from Switzerland for lessons.
After passing my test, I'm very proud to say I had Bernie as my instructor.

When I first got in contact with Bernie and explained my difficult schedule, he was instantly very accomodating. He told me that I had nothing to worry about, and that we would be able to sort something out. We booked an initial 20 hours, followed by 8 more several weeks later. I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of being under Bernie's teaching. He taught me more than I thought there was to know about driving, and did so very simply and very effectively.

I would like to think that I made quick progress, and am extremely confident that without Bernie, this would not have been the case. Bernie's lessons appear to be very tailor-made to his students - focusing equally on their strengths and weaknesses, and always finishing on a high note, ready for next time. He is very patient and welcoming, and talks to you on your own level; without being condescending. He puts you at ease immediately, which only serves to help your progression.

Bernie is obviously a very experienced instructor, and I cannot stress my thanks enough to him.

Sam Ellis (22)
LDC and Bernie are the third driving instructor I have learnt with over the past five years, and by far the best. I had got to a point where I didn't really believe I could ever pass my test, but thanks to Bernie's calm patient manner, I was put at ease, and after his steady appropriate encouragement took its course, I gained the confidence needed to pass comfortably. Thanks Bernie!

Qasim Aslam (18) Milton Keynes
Bernie is a brilliant driving instructor. when I first met Bernie I knew then that I was going to pass my practical test. when I first started with Bernie all I knew was the basic driving around, however as the time progressed my driving skills started to improve, whenever I used to get into the cars , I would always start with a positive attitude, and the enthusiasm to learn new stuff, and I would finish the day off with a smile knowing that I have learned something new and have improved in all areas.

I chose Bernie to be my instructor because of all the good comments I saw of him. He is a polite person who gets along very well, he is never rude and doesn't use inappropriate language. The one main factor that I can guarantee is that Bernie was never late for the Lessons he was always on time. When in the car if things went too quiet , Bernie would then start to make conversation in order to stop you from being nervous , he is also fun to be around because he likes to have a laugh once in a while, and always is willing to help you as much as possible in order for you to understand something.

I would recommend Bernie to anyone who is willing to focus in their driving. With the help of Bernie is was able to pass FIRST time with just 15 hours of lessons, this was a real booster for my driving skills. If it wasn't for Bernie I wouldn't of passed, I would have been still been lacking in confidence and not being ready for my test.

Thank you Bernie for all your Help.

Sian Ford (Stevenage)
Having spent many years trying to pluck up the courage to take my test I decided to book a 20 hr course, I would recommend this as the test is booked for you (so no chickening out) and all lessons organised at my convenience also. Berne is lovely, a really calm and funny instructor who immediately put me at ease and I really found myself taking it all in and actually thinking I could do it. Today I passed my driving test (first time) and that is down to the teaching from Bernie. Thank you, I had a blast learning with you and look forward to sending my daughters to you in a few years. Sian xx

Gunther WalkerGunther Walker
Pass with Bernie - you will!...and I did first time! Bernie is a fantastic driving instructor; encouraging, understanding, adaptable but always with a plan to bring the best from you with the goal of course for you to pass as soon as you are able.

I chose Bernie as he had been my bike instructor a few years ago when I trained for my advanced motorcycle test (which I also passed first time) and I can say that this advanced knowledge and awareness only bolsters Bernie's value as an instructor.

He's also a 'people person' and very friendly and approachable. I was never daunted by what I was learning as it was presented and explained clearly and accessibly - although in order to progress I was also pushed to the point of my ability at every stage so that I could improve yet further and more rapidly.

Nicole Sloan Stevenage
Bernie was a great driving instructor. I used to look forward to my lessons as he made me feel at ease with my driving. He was also very patient with me and boosted my confidence when I failed my 1st test. He made me want to go for it even more!

I will recommend him to any one... He is the best!!

Thank you Bernie for putting up with me and helping me pass.

Wes Guest - Stevenage
Passing with Bernie was great! I did the 30 hour intensive course and enjoyed every minute of it. Bernie was a great instructor with lots of Patience. He even took care of booking the test. I thoroughly recommend his course to anyone serious about passing their driving test.

Lee Sprules (17) Flitwick
I was a student of Bernie's LDC Driving School for 4 months. Starting with no driving experience to passing first time on the 10th of January, I can only blame Bernie for my success! I would certainly recommend Bernie to anyone else as I am confident that it is down to his unique teaching style which enables his students to do so well.

Nick Gregory (17) Flitwick
I found Bernie a great teacher. He took me at a steady pace which meant I never felt rushed into doing too much but each lesson he took me out of my comfort zone enough to allow me to build on what I had already learnt and improve. Also he is very calm and clear in giving instructions and so I always felt I knew what to do in each situation even if it seemed confusing at first sight. These clear instructions also meant that the manoeuvres I had to learn for the test were also very easy to do.

As well as his ability as an instructor he was always on time for my lessons and I felt we made the most of every lesson I had so I would recommend Bernie to anyone as I found him a fantastic teacher and he enabled me to pass first time.

Jack Churchman (17) Flitwick Beds
Bernie is brilliant at teaching, he never tells to you "do this or do that", Bernie ask you to "do this or that" and explains why and lets you know all the the pros and cons so you fully understand what it is you are being taught.

Bernie's patience is brilliant too, he moves you along at your own pace, and finding things you can link with your driving to help you understand the car manoeuvres, or the task you are carrying out, for example hobbies or general interests.

Bernie's guidance to being a better driver, not just passing the test, is exceptional. I would recommend Bernie to anyone, he is very friendly, and put me at ease as soon as I got in the car to when I got out. He helped me pass first time and I will defiantly continue to do the Pass Plus scheme with him. He will defiantly go out his way to help and make you succeed. Thanks Bernie!

Stephanie (24) Ampthill
Bernie was a brilliant instructor. He was very patient, he listened to any concerns I had and made me feel very confident after every lesson. He was always on time and made the most of every lesson. There was never any time wasting. The pricing for lessons is very reasonable; you also get a handbook which is very helpful during your lessons. I would definitely recommend Bernie to family and friends. Thank you for all your help.

Rachana (Luton)
I have been trying to pass my practical driving test for the past four years. As I couldn't pass my practical test in two years, I had to re take my theory test second time. It was now that with only a few months left on my theory that I needed to pass my practical that I met Bernie.

I tried different driving instructors from various driving schools, but some how I couldn't get through. Then someone recommended Bernie McFarlane, and now I can say, I am lucky to find him. It was because of his precious guidance I could pass my test & now I have my permanent driving licence.

I am now realising, that it is also important to have good instructor, who will teach you each & every thing, won't keep back any info to prevent you passing the test. I learnt so many new driving skills with Bernie which I had never learnt before with other instructors. The guidance book which he gave me was also very informative & tells you about all driving skills you need to know, I would say it's a driving Bible & Bernie made me understand it & helped me to apply it practically.

As a Person, I would say, Bernie is very calm, patient & highly flexible person & most important thing is, he is very honest, will never charge you any more.

I think, was bit unlucky not to find him earlier. From my experience I would say, it's very important to find a good driving instructor to pass your practical driving test when the government is making it tougher & tougher.

I will definitely recommend Bernie to my family & friends. I am very grateful to him and I can't describe in words how important my driving licence is to get ahead one step ahead in your career & day today life.

Bernie was a brilliant driving instructor! From my first lesson through to my test, he kept me calm, focused and made learning to drive an enjoyable experience. He has a natural understanding and ability to get the best out of his learners! I know this as i passed first time!! Dont hesitate - book him!

Josh O'Neil (17) Flitwick Beds
Bernie's patience as an instructor is the point that sticks out the most and how he coached me step by step to become a better driver from all the little details.

When I asked a question I was unsure on in driving, I always received a detailed answer on how the best way to perform the manoeuvre and made sure I understood it before moving on.

Even if I made a mistake, he helped me improve my driving to learn from it, which has made me the driver I am now. Thanks Bernie.

Chris Munsami (23) Biggleswade Beds
I would like to thank you Bernie for all your help and support throughout my time as a pupil of yours, you have been very supportive throughout and have also been a very friendly face each weekend and made learning to drive fun and worth while with the allocated time we had. i would also like to mention that thanks to your dedication and skill as a teacher/driving instructor i managed to pass my practical test first time with only one minor, i feel this was due to your way of teaching and also your dedication to your pupils and the trust you put in them and making me feel very comfortable, relaxed and generally putting me in a good learning mood.

Thank you very much for being there to help i would highly recommend you to anybody wishing to learn to drive.

Thanks again Bernie
It has been a pleasure learning with you

Sarah Ashby (27) Flitwick Beds
Although I had previous driving instructors prior to LDC and Bernie, the difference in style and delivery was clearly superior to that I have previously received. Bernie explained and ensured I understood why certain things were expected of me.

Safety, smoothness and patience is Bernie's motto, it certainly helped as I achieved zero minor points when I recently passed my test.

Daniella Valente (23) - Bletchley
"I'm so glad I had Bernie as my instructor he is patient and I don't think I could of passed my test without him as my instructor, I enjoyed all my lessons and I would definitely recommend Bernie to anyone learning to drive".

Will Drake (17) - Haynes West End
Bernie McFarlane was my driving instructor from July 2010 to January 2011. I found Bernie to be extremely friendly, supportive and trust worthy. My confidence in driving grew with Bernie's direction and he always remained calm and positive.He was extremely reliable, never letting me down with lessons and vey helpful with arranging my driving test. Now as a newly qualified driver I have a high level of confidence due to Bernie.I would genuinely recommend Bernie to anyone considering learning to drive.

Sandra (Flitwick Beds)
I found Bernie to be a very patient influence on my driving lessons. He always made me feel excited about my progress and I always looked forward to my next lesson.I would have no hesitation in recommending Bernie to anyone, they wont be disappointed.

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